Why Us

Why choose Ready Movers for your house, office or furniture removals and storage across Brisbane and South East Queensland?

Whether you’re moving house from Brisbane to Toowoomba, from Noosa to Tweed Heads, or just want to move furniture or appliances around the corner…

Ready Movers make home, office, and furniture removals a breeze because we:

  1. Make packing easy!

    You choose how much help (or how little help) you want when it comes to packing your stuff up and unpacking it after the removal.

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  2. Make your home removal a success!

    Our friendly, approachable removal team has the skill and experience in home removals to ensure you don’t have to live with scratches and dents on your appliances and/or furniture for years to come.

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    Everyone we employ is committed to making your moving day a success. They know that their job is more than just heavy lifting! This means they DO:

    • Watch out for sharp corners,
    • Understand that if something is marked Fragile, then it truly needs to be treated with care,

    And they DO know that you DON’T want to have to worry about broken fridges, TV sets, and vases on your moving day.

    Have a special request, a worry or a question?

    You’ll feel confident to ask us anything you need to get peace of mind.

    And speaking of peace of mind

    Our Ready Movers Written Guarantee makes sure you feel completely confident about the safety of your possessions.

    If anything is damaged or broken while we are moving your house (and with our high level of training and care, that’s a big IF!) we will pay for the repair immediately!

  3. Offer a low hourly rate on all our removals

    Our low hourly rate means you have complete control over your removal costs and only pay for the time it takes to move your household!

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  4. Safely store any furniture, appliances or other household items you don’t have space for, but can’t bear to throw away!

    Our affordable, secure storage facilities are always available even if you’re not moving home. Talk to us about long-, short- or medium-term storage options.

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    It’s easy to remember the Ready Movers promise: Pack, Move, Live! because we live by it.