Shipping Container Storage

Storage Containers

Do you need to store some items in Brisbane, Cairns or Townsville?

Whether it’s household items, office equipment or vehicles, our container storage has you covered.

At Ready Movers, we offer storage solutions that are both convenient and affordable. You can have peace of mind knowing your possessions are safe when you store them with us.

Shipping container storage
Shipping container storage

About Our Storage Containers

Whether you need to store household items, a car or even office supplies, we’ve got you covered.

Measuring around six metres in length and a width and height of around 2.4 metres, our 20ft storage containers are so roomy that you can store items off the ground on pallets for even more peace of mind.

With careful planning and care, our 20ft storage containers are large enough to accommodate an entire house full of possessions, household items and furniture. We’ll come to your home or office and pack and store your possessions, making the storage process seamless.

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When Might You Need Our Storage?

So, when might you need to utilise our storage facilities at Ready Movers? There are many situations where storage can come in handy, including
If you plan to go on an extended holiday or relocate overseas for a while, you’ll need somewhere to store some or all of your possessions while you’re away.

A storage container is beneficial if you’ve been renting your home before relocation. Our removal and storage options may also be helpful if you want to rent out or sell your home before you head overseas.
If you’re in between homes and living in temporary accommodation, our storage facilities can provide a safe and secure location to store all of your belongings.

In the interim, you can pack and store your furniture and other household items within your storage container until you find a more permanent place to live.
Businesses may use off-site storage to store archived documents and unused office equipment.

You may also consider storage if you’re renovating your home or office or fitting out a store.
If you have a vehicle or boat that requires storage, look no further than Ready Movers.

If you need to store a car or boat for an extended period, our 20ft storage containers will do the job.

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Shipping Container Storage in Cairns, Townsville, and Brisbane

If you’re looking for safe and secure storage options in Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville, look no further than Ready Movers.

We are your local storage experts, and no matter what your current requirements are, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got you covered with storage services that are both affordable and secure.

From short-term to long-term storage, our 20ft storage containers provide the answer to everyone’s storage needs.

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