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Ready Movers provides modern and secure container storage in Townsville. When it comes to convenient storage solutions that are affordable for everyone, we are the team you can count on.

About Our Townsville Storage Containers

Storage in Townsville has never been easier, with Ready Movers providing a practical and convenient way to store anything from your home or business. Shipping containers make ideal storage units. With the 20ft container being the most popular size, you’ll discover there is loads of room for furniture, personal possessions or even machinery and equipment.
The 20ft container measures almost 6 metres in length, with a width of around 2.4 metres and a height of 2.8 metres each. In fact, these shipping container storage units are even wide enough to enable you to store items off the floor on a standard-size pallet. If you plan your 20ft container with care and precision, it’s capable of holding an entire houseful of furniture, household items and personal effects.

Having loads of room inside your storage containers in Townsville is important, but there are other distinct advantages when you opt for the kind of storage Ready Movers provides. Shipping containers, by design, are highly weather resistant. This guarantees that everything you store will remain dry and undamaged. Storage containers with insulation also ensure that the temperature inside the container remains fairly consistent, regardless of the time of year.
Something else to be mindful of when choosing storage in Townsville is that the containers are clean and hygienic. After all, you wouldn’t want to store your valuable personal items in dirty or unsanitary conditions. When you choose Ready Movers for your storage solutions, you’ll be happy to know that all of our storage containers are clean. Another thing to consider is pests and vermin, like cockroaches, rodents and silverfish. As shipping containers are watertight with rubber door seals, it’s extremely difficult for any pests to get inside. This provides another important layer of protection for your stored items.

When Might You Need Storage?

Storage can come in very handy in numerous situations. For starters, many people choose off-site storage when they run out of room at home or at the office. Renting a storage container provides either a long-term or short-term solution and resolves any storage space issues instantly.

On occasion, an individual or family might need to relocate overseas for a period of time. Rather than transporting everything in the house to the new location abroad, local storage provides a convenient way to keep your furniture and possessions secure until you return.

Another scenario where storage comes in very handy is when you find yourself living in temporary accommodation, perhaps between selling your current home and buying a new one. All you have to do is pack up all of your belongings and place them in container storage in Townsville until you can organise a permanent residence.

From a business point of view, container storage is ideal for storing things like unused office equipment or boxes of archived documents and files. Storage is also useful when you need to clear space to conduct home renovations, shopfitting and more. If you choose Ready Movers, we also provide storage options for large items such as cars.

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Choose Ready Movers for Storage in Townsville

For the best storage containers Townsville has to offer, choose Ready Movers, your local storage expert. No matter what your current requirements may be, you’ll find our storage facilities are both affordable and modern. If you need storage for any reason, whether it’s in the short-term or long-term, container storage provides a convenient solution.

Container storage provided by Ready Movers will give you peace of mind, knowing that your furniture and other valuable possessions are safe, secure and protected from the weather and pests. You’ll rest even easier with storage insurance coverage.

Get in touch with the team at Ready Movers when you need storage options in the Townsville area. Have a chat with one of our friendly staff members to have all of your questions answered. We’ll be able to arrange storage that suits your requirements and your budget.