5 Questions

Brisbane Removals

5 Questions You Should Ask Any Removalist Before Booking!

1. What exactly is included in the hourly rate that’s charged by the removalist?

Does the hourly rate include a small or large truck, how many men and what, if any, guarantee or insurance cover is included, is there a travel fee or depot to depot charge?

2. What size truck are you paying for and is the truck fully equipped?

Are you getting what you paid for from the removalist– you might obtain a cheaper quote per hour – but you might end up having to make more trips because the truck is too small – so in the end, you pay more. Does the removalist have the right equipment to handle your job?

3. Is your removalist fully trained and experienced?

Is the removalist fully trained to national standards and do they have the experience to handle your removal professionally – ensure you conduct research and look at online reviews – better to know about your company’s reputation now, rather than later!

4. What does their insurance or guarantee cover?

Does the hourly rate include protection against any damage due to the workmanship, what happens if damage occurs?

5. Are there any extra charges? Such as travel fees, heavy lift fee for pianos, pool table etc.?

Do you have items such as a pool table or piano or maybe something that is out of the ordinary that requires extra equipment or extra care– find out what these charges are.